Hello & Welcome To My Shop

My story begins the day my daughter came into my life. She is the inspiration for my gifts to share with your family & those you love.

Here is how it all began:

An 8lb 7oz blue eyed bundle of joy changed my life for the best. She opened up my world and showed me to take time for life's little pleasures. The first smile, the first step..she taught me what being a mother was really about.

Three months later I received some news from my employer that was unexpected. I was on maternity leave at the time and was preparing to go back to work. It was a call from my boss at the engraving company I worked for. He began with "you are unprofitable for the company, we do not need you full time". 10 years of time, talent, and love that I put into a company seemed almost gone. I wasn't fired, but I knew what was coming. My daughter had been through enough when she was born, having her lungs pumped and almost landing in the neonatal unit at the hospital. She was a very strong girl and I knew I had to be too.

She gave me the hope I needed to create something new and innovative that people would love again. That was when I decided to launch Urban Farmhouse Tampa. My first product, mason jar soap dispensers were a hit. They gave me the motivation to keep coming back for more. My husband and I knew we were on to something as things started to slowly pick up and positive feedback was soaring from customers. I do not have my job of 10 years, but now have something much better than that. Something that I hope my daughter will always have, and that is love.